"All that was gas."

Alexandre Borovik:

Certainly, concepts of infinity have provoked much 'metaphysical' reflection in terms of our place in the universe, our finitude, our relation to something greater. And it was precisely this that Wittgenstein warned philosophers about. He had a strong mystical streak himself, indicated by his love of Tolstoy, but he thought it completely wrong to approach this dimension through metaphysical commentary on mathematical treatments of the infinite. All that was gas.



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from http://programmersatwork.wordpress.com/programmers-at-work-charles-simon...

INTERVIEWER: Do you associate with any other programmers who have
developed major programs? Do you trade ideas with them?

SIMONYI: [...] We don’t have much to talk about. We feel good vibes and
exchange three or four words. I know that if one of these guys opens his
mouth, he knows what he is talking about. So when he does open his mouth
and he does know what he is talking about, it’s not a great shock. And
since I tend to know what I am talking about, too, I would probably say
the same thing, so why bother talking, really?


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That's so awesome. I guess there's really nothing else to say about it.


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