This Burial interview is really great. He seems really unsophisticated, at times even naive, which is in a way really refreshing. I think this (coupled with some degree of anonymity) maybe allows him to talk about a lot of aspects of music and society that people might not often really talk about in this kind of interview. It's really touching at times, and I think he manages to evoke in words some of that same feeling that people love in the old UK rave music.

Basically I'm just super impressed with this guy. This is from this Hyperdub interview:

Sometimes you just want music to stay where it is from. I love drum&bass jungle hardcore, garage, dubstep and always will till i die and i don't want the music i love to be a global samplepack music.. I like Underground tunes that are true and mongrel and you see people trying to break that down, alter its nature. Underground music should have its back turned, it needs to be gone, untrackable, unreadable, just a distant light.

Obviously I'm fine with the fact that this is as contrived and as "social" a rhetorical stance as any other, but it's one that I'm really sympathetic to, for sure. And I know this is unjustifiable and maybe outrageous, but I think it shows up in the music.