Saw Stars of the Lid last night. Completely awesome, highly recommended.

Stanley Fish has been on a roll. This week's column is pretty awesome:

The difference is that I feel a little dirty just for having repeated a scurrilous rumor even as I rejected it. Apparently Obama’s two opponents have no such qualms and are happily retailing, and wallowing in, the dirt.

And the "French theory" columns were great (1, 2). It's always odd to see this topic discussed without reference to Buddhism, but of course it's no longer surprising. (Buddhism is mentioned in the comments, but frankly it's a shameful representation.)

Anyway, it's a wild tangent, but I just happened to read those columns as I was reading Barry Magid's new book Ending the Pursuit of Happiness. They're loosely related, at least in that they both criticize our impulse to put things to work. My natural response (I guess like most people) is to say "Ok, but I want such-and-such." But this is precisely the inclination that's being questioned. I wonder whether anyone has a good response that doesn't begin "But I want..."? I guess not, if they're being honest.

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