"Pentecostal movements"

This is a funny and very insightful comment about programming practice from Kay Schluehr:

I think people grasp rather well that IO has to be specially treated in Haskell after giving them a short explanation. They are more puzzled about "monad oriented programming" as the latest programming paradigm and hardly anyone has sold it as such yet. A programming paradigm is not about immediate utility (e.g. the IO monad as a special solution for a particular problem that can be ignored in non-lazy languages ) but about design value. It's the promise of having a benefit from organizing code in a certain way and it is also always a belief system because good design cannot be benchmarked. A paradigm is a mindset that can reverse the relationship between utility and value: the IO monad is not a special hack anymore but it is the right thing to do from the very beginning while everyone else does it essentially wrong or simply "doesn't get it".

Once the pentecostal movement of a new paradigm has been activated it is unremarkable that so many people are talking about their experiences with monads, that so many tutorials are written about them or even that you try to explain/excuse your own initial confusion and highlights the moments of clarity. We might not believe in the father and the son anymore but at least in the holy spirit.

I find that I have nothing to add.