Same-sex marriage and sex discrimination

I find this argument pretty interesting. I'm ashamed to admit that I never thought about this before:

I don’t understand the resistance to the idea that the homosexuality taboo is about sexism. Homosexuality and deviation from gender norms (which, of course, are relentlessly hierarchical) are so tightly connected with each other in popular culture that each is normally and easily taken as a marker for the other. A "faggot" or a "dyke" is a person who fails to conform to normal gender norms; the term is routinely applied to people without regard to their sexual behavior.

I don't find the argument completely convincing (and I don't find the hypothetical about "miscegenosexual couples" as preposterous as I'm apparently meant to), but it's clearly an important aspect of this form of discrimination that deserves to be more widely recognized and addressed.

It is an interesting point,

Submitted by Davy on Fri, 06/06/2008 - 17:53.

It is an interesting point, though I wonder if homophobia is becoming less about sexism and more... uh, something else. I guess I say that because I'm assuming that gender-normative GLBT folk seem a lot more visible than in the past, certainly within the gay marriage debate.

I also think I have to hold my breath here and say that, while opposition to gay marriage and homophobia correlate pretty much to like .9999999, I suspect they draw on pretty different logics. No one is going to seriously contest a marriage between an androgenous or effeminate male to a butch female. I think anxiety over marriage is about a lot else, including the fragility of dominant notions of romantic relationships, and, probably more important, "Culture War" BS between paranoid conservatives and self-righteous urban elites like me.

Still, a great factor to tease out, and hopefully use to bolster arguments for gay marriage. (I was tempted to add "or arguments against the state being involved in anything more than 'civil unions' at all, but, um, it's probably not relevant to that not-extant debate.)

“Homophobia isn’t there

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“Homophobia isn’t there to keep homosexuals in line. It’s there to keep everyone else in line.” — Joanna Russ

The article is interesting, but the race analogy seems much more confusing than enlightening.

And I agree, the hypothetical isn’t preposterous. The author writes: “the idea of a ‘miscegenosexual’ never even occurs to anyone...” If he really thinks this a funny concept, and not just a funny word for a totally normal concept, then he needs to get out more (or read more). Lots of people have a sexual interest or preference, whether mild or exclusive, for partners of a different race. (Or the same race, for that matter.)

I don't have more than a mild interest in Asians as a sexual category, but once I asked John if it would bother him if I did. He shrugged and said “Everybody’s into something.”

In other words: equal rights for miscegenosexuals now! Maybe in 500 years...

Great point!

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Great point!