Month of November, 2007

Subtext, etc. / 2007-11-20


I don't propose any resolution to the tension between names and links here, because I suspect the ultimate requirement is going to be to have characteristics of both.

That's from an interesting blog post from Roly Perera, in response to Jonathan Edwards's recent OOPSLA talk/paper. And here's Jonathan's response.

More Scala + Hibernate / 2007-11-16

In a prior post on livejournal, I described a problem and partial solution to using Hibernate with Scala. When I left things, I said:

The only real downside to this is that it doesn't enforce that entities are used only in the context in which they were created. I'd love to find a way to solve this. I think it might be possible to recover this by parameterizing the entity types, binding the type parameter with a single unsafe-but-safe cast as they come out of the database, and then enforcing that the implicit Context parameter matches the type parameter. I'll have to experiment with this, although truth be told, I'm not sure this level of safety is worth the hassle.

So I've done this experiment.

Android / 2007-11-14

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So everybody's talking about Android. I was watching this launch video, and was not particularly surprised to see my old friend Brian Swetland at about 1:25:

Go Brian! As soon as they mentioned Danger, I wondered whether he was involved... Anyway, it looks like a nice platform. I spent a few minutes playing with it yesterday, trying to get a Scala program running on the emulator. It didn't work, but it turns out this exposed a bug in the Scala compiler, and now it works. Neat! I doubt I'll suddenly get involved in mobile software, but still this is cool, and if I had an easy way to do it, I'd probably write a few things for my phone.

First! / 2007-11-14

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For a bunch of reasons, I'm tired of livejournal, so I've decided to move my blog back here. I'm sure my output will remain low as always, but then, with RSS I'm able to keep up with any number of low-output blogs, so that's no great loss.

Probably you don't remember, but I had a hand-scripted blog here on this site from the end of 2001 until early 2003, so in a sense this is full circle.

In time, I may migrate some of the livejournal content back here, but then again, I may not. Hell, maybe I'll recover and revive some of the 2001-2003 "early writings," who knows? For now, it's a clean slate.