Literate programming / 2008-05-01


Donald Knuth:

If people do discover nice ways to use the newfangled multithreaded machines, I would expect the discovery to come from people who routinely use literate programming. Literate programming is what you need to rise above the ordinary level of achievement. But I don’t believe in forcing ideas on anybody. If literate programming isn’t your style, please forget it and do what you like. If nobody likes it but me, let it die.

I guess that means Haskell programmers... Sounds about right to me!

(For the record, I know he intends something considerably more sophisticated than lhs, but anyway it's closer than almost everything else. In any case, it's a nice interview. What a guy...)

More on effectiveness, formality, etc. / 2008-03-10


More interesting conversation on Roly Perera's blog, happening at a glacial pace over the course of some months. This is connected to Kiczales' OOPSLA keynote and the ensuing discussion. My comment is long, but I'll copy a bit here, because I think it captures my current thinking about this question:

Subtext, etc. / 2007-11-20


I don't propose any resolution to the tension between names and links here, because I suspect the ultimate requirement is going to be to have characteristics of both.

That's from an interesting blog post from Roly Perera, in response to Jonathan Edwards's recent OOPSLA talk/paper. And here's Jonathan's response.