Fermilab / 2008-11-25

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We just watched The Atom Smashers on PBS, a documentary about the search for the Higgs boson at Fermilab. It reminded me of the time I spent in the computing division at Fermilab in high school, an experience that I remember very fondly and for which I'm still enormously grateful. It also reminded me once again how lucky I was to have been there when the top quark was found. That kind of excitement is a pretty rare thing.

Miscellaneous connections... As it happens, my friend Kate Simko scored the music for the film. And just as it ended, this post showed up in my RSS reader. Thank you IMSA indeed. And thanks, Jay, for bringing me to Fermilab in the first place.

About / 2007-11-14


For a long time, there wasn't much here. Here's a bit more:

First! / 2007-11-14

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For a bunch of reasons, I'm tired of livejournal, so I've decided to move my blog back here. I'm sure my output will remain low as always, but then, with RSS I'm able to keep up with any number of low-output blogs, so that's no great loss.

Probably you don't remember, but I had a hand-scripted blog here on this site from the end of 2001 until early 2003, so in a sense this is full circle.

In time, I may migrate some of the livejournal content back here, but then again, I may not. Hell, maybe I'll recover and revive some of the 2001-2003 "early writings," who knows? For now, it's a clean slate.