Misc / 2008-04-28

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Saw Stars of the Lid last night. Completely awesome, highly recommended.

Stanley Fish has been on a roll. This week's column is pretty awesome:

The difference is that I feel a little dirty just for having repeated a scurrilous rumor even as I rejected it. Apparently Obama’s two opponents have no such qualms and are happily retailing, and wallowing in, the dirt.

Some thoughts on "Big Mind", etc. / 2008-02-26


(This is a response to a conversation about the debate about the Big Mind Process. It started as a comment, but it got really long, so I moved it here instead.)

Into Great Silence / 2008-02-10

I just finished watching Into Great Silence. It was a Christmas gift, and I had no particular expectations. It's really, really excellent, maybe one of my favorite films now. It seems strange to say it, but I feel like in some ways this is the film that 2001: A Space Odyssey could have been, maybe should have been. And I mean that not just in style and tone, but also in theme, and in the way they're related. It's odd in a way that 2001 would be the thing that I think of after watching this, but having thought of it, it seems true somehow.

Log Lady as "Zen granny", etc. / 2008-01-08

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We got the new Twin Peaks set for Christmas, and so have been going through it at a totally inappropriate pace. The Buddhist themes in the series are both obvious and widely noted, but here's one that was new to me.

The new set includes the Log Lady intros to each episode, which are absolutely fantastic, and it occurs to me that not only is the Log Lady the source of some of the goofiest and best Zennisms in the series, but she actually exemplifies a very particular type.